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Use our Simathlon cycling simulation in your favorite fitness club too! Simathlon cycling simulation has already been used and adapted for easy use on one of their gym bikes.

Selected Slovenian fitness clubs:

  • Magma X (Nova Gorica),
  • AK Gym (Postojna),
  • Hiša rekreacije (Šempeter pri Gorici),
  • Feat & Beat gym (Celje).


We have also adapted our product for usage in fitness clubs, where our technology can be used, to equip any bicycle in your fitness club and to install and automate the entire application process (staff in the selected clubs does not have any extra work, the system starts and stops automatically at certain hours, visitors can simply get on the bicycle and start cycling through various virtual Simathlon landscapes). For the purposes of animation and marketing activities, such technology could be used to equip a selected bicycle in your fitness club’s main areas or at various events, where your fitness club is also promoted. Users of these bicycles just start pedaling and indulge in Simathlon cycling fun.

Which exercise bicycle fitness clubs will offer for the Cycling fitness league is not important, as any exercise bicycle is suitable, due to the universal approach. Usage of Simathlon simulation within fitness clubs does not interfere with regular cardio workouts on exercise bikes. How will users of the exercise bike know, if usage data is being recorded? On the TV screen, the trainee will be shown a ride through a virtual landscape. The faster the trainees will pedal on the bike, the faster they will cycle through the virtual landscape.

With the team, we will take care of all the necessary equipment you need to run and compete in the cycling Fitness league. The sensor for measuring and receiving data is mounted on the pedal of the exercise bike. Computer and a television set are also used for the aplication. During the installation of the sensor and other equipment, a fitness representative must be present in the gym, who will be familiar with the use of Simathlon system. The system turns on and works automatically, when you open the gym (no button needs to be pressed). We only expect the fitness operator to make fitness users aware of the implementation of the Cycling fitness league and to periodically check if the Simathlon simulation is working properly. When the gym closes, the Simathlon system automatically shuts down and restarts again the next morning.


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In addition to the regular use of the Simathlon simulation in selected fitness clubs, in certain periods (seasons) and for a short time, we also run the current seasons of the Cycling fitness leagues. Within a month, at the selected location, all visitors of a particular fitness club collect the total minutes of using the Simathlon cycling simulation and thus compete with other participating fitness clubs in the league. The winners also receive rich prizes! We have already successfully completed two seasons of the Cycling fitness leagues (1st season spring/summer 2019 and 2nd season autumn/winter 2019).

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Free of charge, attendance in the current Cycling fitness league is open to any gyms or fitness clubs, who already use our Simathlon system in their environment. To order it, you can contact us at any time.

We also advertise all of teh action, activities, news and interesting moments regarding Cycling fitness leagues, on our social networks.

All participating gyms and fitness clubs are also represented by a large roadside billboard in the Simathlon cycling simulation.

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Be rewarded for using a stationary bike too! Join us in the upcoming Cycling fitness leagues, about the progress of which, you will be informed in a timely manner. For the latest news, also follow our website and social networks.

Season Autumn/winter 2019
Season Spring/summer 2019

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