A new virtual training simulator. The workout of the future... for EVERYONE!

Place ANY stationary gym bike, indoor trainer or a spinning bike in the vicinity of a computer (TV, projector) and your training sessions become infinitely more interesting.

No internet is required so you can place cardio equipment anywhere and you are immediately ready to go. Optional online multiplayer is on the way as a free add-on!

Our first official map! It takes approximately 40 minutes to explore the entire (loop) route. You will drive through the narrow city streets of the urban environment and winding rural roads, surrounded by lush forests. 

Fitness Is Evolving
A revolution is taking place in our gym culture. Working out in the virtual world is proven to achieve greater results, increase motivation and put the fun into fitness. 

Apply for a free copy to test compatibility with your equipment.


Participants experience the fun, social interaction, physical and cognitive engagement, improving their results and making them want to come back for more.

Just Start&Ride. No annoying menus.

Straight to the enriched workout experience! Interactive visual display stands out by motivating participants of all ages and abilities with real, multisensory, tactile, brain-body activities.
Place a cycling indoor trainer, a normal stationary gym bike or a spinning bike in the vicinity of a computer (TV, projector) and your training sessions become infinitely more interesting. Interactive visualization of movement and progress monitoring during workouts are just one of the options for adding variety and greater control to the workout … but what do you say about online training with your friends?



#3 FREE short track



It’s great to hear that so many people have found SIMATHLON to be the best indoor cycling motivational tool available.

The Simathlon Cycling Simulation was a delightful enhancement to aerobic exercise for Magma X fitness clients, both during the training warm-up phase and the post-workout cooling phase. Visual stimulation training gives clients the feeling that aerobic exercise is shorter, but also less strenuous. Overall, the customers were very pleased with Simathlon.

MagmaX sport

I’m afraid other cycling simulations will kill me, by forcing to me to race every day, instead of enjoying the workout and following the usual training. This one is different. You are all alone with your goals, surrounded by a beautiful scenery. I’m glad I’ve finally found the right training app for me.


Startup TEAM

We are the provider of innovative fitness solutions, offering an insight into the future of physical activity. We are the finalists of Feel the Future start-up contest.

Check out all the features of Simathlon by downloading a Windridge City - short track - a fully functional, free copy.