Windridge City (Free Short Track)


If you already have all the necessary sensors (powermeter, cadence sensor or smart trainer) and a USB ANT + receiver (required for PC connection), you are prepared to workout with Simathlon simulation.


Windridge City – Free Short Track

Status: 100/100


Terrain size: 4km²

Track length: 3km

It will take you approximately 10 minutes to explore the entire (loop) route. You will drive through the narrow city streets of the urban environment and winding rural roads, surrounded by lush forests. The street and road networks are fully connected and well equipped with high quality street fixtures, exterior decoration, street signs and buildings. The simulation features dynamic weather changes (rain, sun, snow) as well as a full day/night cycle. Along the road you will occasionally come upon different animals: cows, sheep, birds, butterflies, chickens…


Every time, before you begin exercising, a window will appear, notifying you that you are using the version meant for home use. Close it by pressing ENTER or using the mouse (click on the CLOSE button). Once you have done so, you can begin your training. As soon as you start cycling, your training time starts being recorded and at the same time, the virtual track is being simulated. Distance and current speed are displayed as you cycle. Your speed ​​along the virtual road will also depend on the terrain. You will need to pedal faster to beat the slopes, while you may take a breather when driving down the slopes. You may end the workout by not cycling for 30s (the workout time is then reset and the simulation is ready to record a new workout). After the workout, a statistic is displayed comparing the current workout with the average result of all workouts. The combined distance and time of all training sessions are also shown. Press the ESC (Exit) key to return to the desktop and press F2 (Exit Simathlon), when a new window is displayed. At the moment, a longer cycling route is available within the map. The ability to open new routes within the map is still under development and will be available as a free add-on later on. We will also subsequently include the basic online multiplayer mode for free.

Example how it looks like when ANT+ id cadence sensor is found.


Please provide YOUR ANT+ id number to us, so we can prepare for you a registered full version of Windridge City map. Download first a FREE Short Track copy. There will be ANT+ id number displayed. Test the simulation if speed is registered correctly as well. Write your number in a “Checkout page” under “Additional information order notes”. You will receive a coupon for discounted purchases of upcoming new maps, as well.


What are the computer MINIMAL(low quality settings) REQUIREMENTS?

  • OS: Windows 7 x64 bit/ x32 bit,
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo,
  • Memory: 4GB,
  • Graphics: 1GB dedicated GPU, or embedded Intel HD 4000/AMD R5,
  • Hard Drive: 2GB of free space.


  • night light for driving at night,
  • butterflies and birds added,
  • improved downhill and uphill driving experience,
  • ANT+ paired number displayed in the menu.