Start of the Cycling fitness league (season SPRING/SUMMER 2019)

In agreement with the fitness studio, we will record the trainees effort on one of the exercise bikes provided by Fitness. The team will equip the bike with a power meter and monitor the data from Monday (10.00) to Saturday (20.00) inclusive. Participation in the fitness league is for users at their own risk.

Due to the universality of the approach to measuring watts, any exercise bike in the gym is compatible. Measuring strength does not interfere with regular cardio workouts on exercise bikes. How will the practitioners on the exercise bike know whether the watts are being recorded? On the TV screen, the trainee will be shown a ride through a SIMATHLON virtual landscape. The faster the trainees drive the bike, the faster the trainee will “ride” through the computer-generated landscape provided by

In the fitness league, the winner will be the fitness studio in which the most performed watts of practitioners will be recorded in the time period defined above.